Collection: Kula Cloths

Kula is a pee cloth for anybody that squats when they pee.

Kula Cloth® is the first of its kind - an intentionally (and obsessively) designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!

In a wilderness setting (or heck, even at a porta potty!), it's very important to have good hygiene. Traditionally, we either pack in excess amounts of toilet paper and/or employ the 'shaking off' method (aka 'drip dry'). Neither of these are good options.  A pee cloth is a way that we can stay comfortable AND have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

A pee cloth is a ‘leave no trace’ toilet paper option for peeing. Simply pee, and use your Kula Cloth to pat dry - no TP left behind! 

Originals are available from time to time on my website based on my show/travel schedule check back or subscribe to my email to know when they are available.

If you interested in a piece you saw online you can always shoot me an email at to see if it is available.

I also have originals at Area61 Gallery in Chattanooga.

Area61 Gallery